The IELTS PLUS ONE gives you the edge

The IELTS PLUS ONE is an exclusive program that has been developed for those who are looking to score higher bands than everyone else.

What is IELTS PLUS ONE Program?

In short, this is a one-to-one IELTS Training program that will be tailored based on your requirements, and to convert your weaknesses into strengths.

Since every student is unique and has different requirements than others, we customize the IELTS PLUS ONE curriculum in order to train you to achieve higher bands.

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Personal Training

Since each student has individual needs, a dedicated IELTS Faculty is assigned to each candidate. The trainer works on the shortcomings of the student and eventually takes you to a higher band score.

Custom Course

A custom course is designed for each student where the trainer formulates a growth strategy based on your Mock Test results. This ensures that your weaknesses are converted into your strengths with maximum efficiency.

Practice Mania

We take you through a lot of sample questions and help you solve them. The practice tests, assignments, and worksheets ensure that the techniques are cemented in your memory and you are able to achieve higher Bands in your IELTS Exam.

If you're looking to improve your score to a band 7, 8, or more - then our IELTS PLUS ONE is the one for you.


  • The entire course is online and you can learn everything from the comfort of your house.
  • There will be a Mock Test conducted which will tell us exactly where you stand.
  • After this, an IELTS Faculty will be assigned to you which will create a customized course for you so that you can improve your weaknesses.
  • The IELTS PLUS ONE program has live classes, home assignments, and a lot of practice tests.
  • After each test, you will be provided with a detailed feedback session on your mistakes so that you know exactly where you went wrong.
  • All the courseware, reading material, practice questions, and tests will be supplied by us and you do not need to purchase any additional materials.
  • You will be provided with dedicated portal access so that you can practice your Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking at any time.
  • For those who wish to go for IELTS Computer Delivered, our portal will give you the simulation of the actual test environment, so that you can test yourself under the actual IELTS Test Conditions.

Let's face it, if you would like to study, work or immigrate to an English-speaking country, you definitely need to clear IELTS. The band score demands are high and it is becoming more difficult to achieve the scores, plus, the IELTS Exam is expensive.

IELTS PLUS 1 program will enable you to score higher bands
which can get you Scholarships at your University/College too!

Here's how the IELTS PLUS ONE results look like

IELTS PLUS ONE Student Reviews

We have gazillion students who have benefitted from our IELTS PLUS ONE customized program and were able to achieve higher than what they had dreamt!

Grateful to study with itutorielts

itutorielts reviews by students

It has been a wonderful experience with chitkaran sir. He helped me in taking the best decision in deciding everything from courses to universities. Priyanka ma’am has been always there to solve all the queries. itutorielts is the one-stop for everything. They are the best

Sikander Lohchab
I got Band :7
11th January 2022

Effective Guidance

itutorielts reviews by students

I had a great experience with itutorielts, they made my training very easy, effective and flexible. Chitkaran Sir is a great teacher to study with and I am sure I will recommend itutorielts to anybody who is planning to prepare for the IELTS exam

Abdul Haseeb Chauhan
I got Band :7.5
8th January 2022

Heavenly Abode of IELTS Preparation

itutorielts reviews by students

I am glad that I prepared for IELTS under the direct mentorship and guidance of Chitkaran Sir. He is one of the best trainers of Ielts in the industry. He not only takes care of you learning things from scratch but also the last-minute tricks and tips required to boost up your confidence. I strongly recommend studying at iTutorIelts for its professionalism along with the personal touch and connection that it offers to its students

Harmann Singh Mann
I got Band :7.5
4th January 2022

Obtained a band score of 8.5 in first attempt!

itutorielts reviews

Chitkaran sir and Meenakshi ma’am are phenomenal teachers. Since I’m a working professional, I had very little time to prepare on an everyday basis. Both of them were extremely accommodative of my busy schedule, and conducted sessions whenever I had the time (for e.g Meenakshi ma’am especially took the time out for a 6 AM session!). Chitkaran sir is always open to doubts and made sure I understood the nuances of each session, which helped me achieve a high band score. Undoubtedly, both of them will set you up for success and encourage you to give your best and achieve your goals!

Surleen Kaur
I got Band :8.5
24th May 2021

My journey with iTutor IELTS

Chitkaran’s hard work and dedication just amazed me. His assessments helped me improve, and clear IELTS with flying colors. The classes were conducted very thoroughly and each concept was explained very patiently. In addition, the doubt clearing sessions helped a lot. He is , hands down, the best teacher I’ve ever had.

Harsheen Kaur
I got Band :7.5
15th May 2021

Reached 5.5 to 7 band in IELTS General

Highly recommended chitkaran sir to improve your band score to 8.5 and it was great journey and become easy to reach the goal as he is brain man and through his wisdom and great style of teaching with examples are unmatched and I never forget , the way he teaches is commendable and the efforts he put along with students with his full dedication automatically enhance and encourage students to give their best in all modules.
Thank you sir for your great efforts…..

Akshat goel
I got Band :7
13th May 2021

Great Teacher ever in India

itutorielts reviews Chitkaran Singh kim

I am Korean student for learning languages. I got chance to contact Mr. Chitkaran Singh and started Demo Class in 2018. Since now, I have been learning from Guru ji Singh, He only focus on student’s benefit and language skill to improve and develop.
Many teachers want to keep number of student constantly for revenue. But Mr. Chitkaran Singh is not the person who pursue a money or own benefit, but pursue of Student’s benefit even though tuition may end early.
I am so impressed by his teaching attitude and excellent skill of teaching.

I hope many other students get chance to meet him and study under his guidance.

Thank you so much Mr. Chitkaran Singh. It is honoured to study with you.

Hyungi Kim
I got Band :8.0
24th April 2021

An express entry candidate wanting to score 8 7 7 7

It was an absolutely fantastic experience with Chitkaran sir. The way he teaches is different from what I experienced at other places. It was worth my time. I was able to score an 8 with confidence which was lacking before I joined itutorielts. If I would need to go in for IELTS preparations again ever after, then it would be with Chitkaran sir.

Shreyans Aery
I got Band :8.0
13th February 2021

An IELTS expert

itutorielts reviews Chitkaran Singh Manpreet Singh

I enrolled in a 2 week writing course by Chitkaran ji. After completion of course I can say that I gained confidence to write error free essays. This course will not only improve your IELTS score but also your communication skills in daily office work

I found this course worthwhile.

Thanks Chitkaran Ji

I got Band :8
15th September 2020

My dream IELTS Band 8.0

itutorielts reviews airaa shukla

Warm and friendly environment, personalised attention,focus on individual’s strengths and weaknesses and customised coaching as per individual’s need

Airaa Shukla
I got Band :8.0
10th September 2020

Aim High Reach Big! I got Band 8.0

itutorielts reviews varun sharma.jpg

A dedicated and hardworking teacher ,whose aim is to extract the best out of his students …highly recommend Chitkaran sir for excellent results.

Varun Sharma
I got Band :8.0
25th August 2020

December 2019 .. got 7.5 Band

itutorielts reviews akshat goel

Chitkaran sir taught me in December and helped me score a 7.5 band and meet my university as well as study visa requirements easily. He’s one of the best teachers that had taught me and the way he teaches is extravagant. He helped me with grammar, vocabulary, and to learn new words and gave me tips and tricks that made the exam a cake walk for me. He’s less of a teacher and more of a friend and makes you feel extremely comfortable while teaching. I’m really grateful for his help and have recommended him to many of my friends.

Akshat bansal
I got Band :7.5
12th December 2019

My bands went from 6 to 7.5

itutorielts reviews Aryan Gulati

Mr Chitkaran is a very informed teacher. My bands went from 6 to 7.5 within a month and I am extremely happy to have been trained by him. I had an amazing experience. Algonquin College10/10 would definitely recommend.

Aryan Gulati
I got Band :7.5
9th December 2019

IELTS PLUS ONE Couse Contents



  • How EXACTLY the Reading Test works
  • Questions asked in the Reading Test
  • Attempting the paper
  • Reading the passages for efficiency and accuracy
  • Getting through "I don't know the meaning of this" situations
  • Managing your time during the exam
  • Solving Heading Questions
  • True, False, Not Given Questions
  • Matching, Fill Ups & Sentence completion questions
  • Summary Completion Questions
  • Get better at Reading
  • Practice papers
  • Filling the Answer Sheet (for Paper Delivered Test only)
  • 10+ Practice Tests
IELTS TASK 2 (Essay)

    Let's book IELTS PLUS ONE for you

    The IELTS PLUS ONE is an exclusive program that has been developed for those who are looking to score higher bands than everyone else.
    Please provide the details below and one of the team members will call you for your preferences.