10 Reasons why Indian students are unable to score good bands in IELTS Writing

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There have been numerous cases where a candidate score excellent bands in IELTS Reading, Listening and Speaking, however, he/she could only score Band 6.5 in the IELTS Writing. How is that even possible?

Well, it is infact possible!


Here are

10 Reasons why Indian students are unable to score good bands in IELTS Writing?

  1. Complicated Sentences: The IELTS Writing is a professional writing with a focus on clear and effective communication, but, the Indian students try to complicate their writings thinking that it is going to impress the reader. On the contrary, it is the exact reason of their inability to score a higher bands in their IELTS Tests. Using complex sentences does not mean that your actual thought needs to be jumbled, it simply means that you are using multiple clauses in a single sentence, which infact is an easy thing to understand theoretically but is difficult to implement practically and takes a lot of time and regular assessments to perfect. We at iTutorIELTS teach you how to frame long complex sentences with multiple thoughts while keeping a clear expression and not result is a disaster sentence. There are a number of techniques and ways with which this can be accomplished, and we have already produced Band 8 scores in IELTS writing in the recent past.

  2. Lexical Resource: Another major reason for the inability of the Indian students is the choice of words in their writing. I have read a lot of essays and where I felt that the writer was trying to create a sentence just to use a specific word such as plethora. This is really not required in the IELTS writings. The primary goal is to use words according to the situation and which are relevant to the question, you cannot use any word anywhere and then expect the reader to have a WOW! moment. The use of vocabulary is one of the major issues for a majority of the IELTS students since they may not know the proper usage of a word, but they still use it because someone on YouTube said that it is a magical word. The IELTS trainers at iTutorIELTS do not teach you vocabulary, but we focus on effective usage of words which not only get you good band scores, but also make your writings clear and communicative.

  3. Thought Process: The third reason is the absence of thought process before the actual writing begins. The students seldom forget that an axe needs to be sharpened before cutting a tree, thus, a thought process is extremely important before you actually begin to write your IELTS writing test. To put this into perspective, if you are attempting an IELTS essay, a well laid out plan will take only 10 minutes out of your 40 minutes but it will do wonders as you already know what you need to write, which will not only reduce confusion mid-way, but will also make your writing more connected (Coherence). In order to score high bands in the IELTS writing, a coherent writing is a must and our faculties teach you specifically how your sentences can be restructured to make them more connected.

  4. Grammar: The education system in the country begin to teach a student about grammar from class 3, yet a lot of students find it hard to tackle their tenses, singulars, plurals and articles in their IELTS writings. The grammar carries 25% of your IELTS Writing score and you cannot go wrong with the grammar if you aspire to score a high band in the IELTS writing. The IELTS curriculums at iTutorIELTS include dedicated weeks for grammar if the trainer feels that the student is weak in it. We do not approve you to sit in your IELTS test if we are unsure about your preparation.

  5. Handwriting: This is only for those candidates who appear for a paper delivered IELTS Test. The readability of the handwriting is another factor when we look for ask why Indian students are unable to score good bands in IELTS Writing. It is simple, if the examiner cannot read what you've written, you will not be awarded any benefit of the doubt. There is no compulsion to use cursive writing, but try to develop a good and readable handwriting if you wish to appear for a paper delivered IELTS Test.

  6. Complicated Ideas: This should be the top reason why Indian students are unable to score good bands in IELTS Writing. Almost every writing is full of ideas which are expressed in a very complicated manner and the students assume that the examiner will understand what they are trying to express. Ok! Let's get this straight! The examiners are not going to comprehend what you are trying to say, you have to put your thoughts in a very clear manner so that the IELTS examiners can understand your ideas and award you the band scores. You are not judged on the quality of the idea, but rather on the relevance and the expression of your thoughts. Please understand that IELTS is NOT A KNOWLEDGE TEST, it is simply an English Proficiency Test in which they are trying to gauge your ability of communicate effectively in English, and it is okay if you do not have a prior knowledge of the topic. Instead of using complicated ideas to put yourself across, just state the most obvious reasons for the questions and you will see a drastic change in the quality of your writings. The iTutorIELTS faculty dedicates 2 weeks for the IELTS Writing and gives you live feedback to show you where exactly you went wrong, and how this could have been made better.

  7. Evidence: A thought is never complete unless it is accompanied by an example. The use of an example is crucial in the IELTS writings since it not only makes your argument more clear, but also adds up to the overall quality of your writing (do not get confused with quality of the ideas here). Moreover, we have seen a lot of examples that were generalized and sounded more like thoughts rather than examples. iTutorIELTS will teach you exactly how to write your examples so that they sound more like evidence instead of thoughts.

  8. Introduction: This is another major factor when it comes to not being able to score good bands in IELTS Writing since the candidates do not understand the important behind the introduction of an essay. Every question which you get in the IELTS Writing Task 2 is different and needs to be dealt with a slightly different approach. But, majority of the students end up following a template based approach and try use the same medicine for different problems. This is not a very good approach, and the trainers at iTutorIELTS take extra care on writing the introductions as we firmly believe that an introduction can either make or break your score, and you need to be coached properly on the thought process of writing a perfect & communicative introduction to your essay.

  9. Clear direction: If the reader doesn't understand what you're going to talk about, there is a very high chance that you may not get surpassed band 6.5 in your IELTS writing module. This is primarily because the students tend to overlook the question and assume that they have understood the question, and this leads to an unclear direction of the essay. For instance, you may start writing about advantages and then drift towards a disagreement or you begin writing about agreement and then end up contradicting your own points. Isn't this confusing? It is the same feeling that the examiners get when they read your writings. During your training sessions with iTutorIELTS trainers, you know exactly how to think, what to write and how to structure your thoughts in a cohesive way.

  10. Deliver the expectation: This is an extension of the previous point. Another major reason why Indian students are unable to score good bands in IELTS Writing is the fact they do not attempt to answer what the examiner is asking for. They interpret the question in their own way, write as per their liking and then expect the examiners to be blown away with it. No! this is not how it works. You need to write the essay in order to answer the question and meet the expectations of the examiner, and not how 'you' think it should be answered

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