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We will be glad to assist you in your IELTS Training. Whether you are going to give IELTS for the first time or you are looking to improve your score, our certified IELTS Trainers will be able to cater to your needs and help you achieve your goals.

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See, the stakes have gone really high for the IELTS Tests and it is getting more competitive with each passing day.

Therefore, we're not conducting batch sessions anymore since every student has a different weakness, and studying in a batch doesn't really do any justice to the curriculum, eventually the results get affected and we don't like that!

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Course Details

  • Proven Results (check out our Testimonials or Insta profile)
  • IELTS Trainer with min 5 years of experience
  • Individual sessions for every student
  • Personal attention to each candidate
  • Convenient Timings (according to your convenience)
  • Pre-Training Test
  • Consistent training for better engagement
  • Online Classes
  • Everyday sessions with tests
  • Minimum 1 Hour Sessions
  • IELTS Courseware & Practice Tests
  • Post Training Test
  • 100% support from the Trainers
  • Prepare for minimum Band 7

What Students Get

  • Individual/Batch Classes.
  • Our exclusive portal access for practice.
  • E-books and lecture videos for self-study.
  • 40+ sections practice tests.
  • Vocabulary builder.
  • 5 Full-Length Tests under actual test conditions.

Fee Structure

Course Name Duration Fee (incl. GST)
IELTS PLUS ONE 7 Weeks Rs 25,000/-
First Time IELTS (Batch) 5 Weeks Rs 7,000/-
First Time IELTS (One to One) 5 Weeks Rs 15,000/-
IELTS Academic Preparation (Crash Course) 2 Weeks Rs 8,500/-
IELTS Academic Preparation (Batch) 5 Weeks Rs 7,000/-
IELTS Academic Preparation (One to One) 5 Weeks Rs 15,000/-
IELTS General Training (Batch) 5 Weeks Rs 7,000/-
IELTS General Training (Crash Course) 2 Weeks Rs 8,500/-
IELTS General Training (8777 Course) 5 Weeks Rs 15,000/-
IELTS General Training (8777 extended) 7 Weeks Rs 21,000/-
Computer Delivered IELTS Mock Test - Rs 147/-
IELTS Writing Assessment 1 Rs 1,499/-
IELTS Writing Assessment 2 Rs 2,899/-
IELTS Writing Assessment 3 Rs 4,299/-
IELTS Writing Assessment 4 Rs 4,999/-

BONUS: Each student will get a discount of Rs 500/- on their IELTS Test Booking

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