ielts myths truths about ielts

Myth#1 - Writing is the most difficult module

Well, all the modules of the IELTS are different from each other so it won't be justified to say that one is easy whilst the other is difficult.

IELTS is designed and perfected to test your command over the language and Writing is just one aspect of it. It might be difficult for one section of the society and easier for another, therefore, a candidate must focus on the weaknesses within instead of pointing fingers at the IELTS Test.

Myth#2 - Speaking Module: You need an accent

The test is conducted to assess your proficiency on the language and not your accent. There is absolutely no need to fake/flaunt your accent in the IELTS Exam since it may affect your pronunciation and affect your score.

click here to read more about the IELTS Speaking Test

Myth#3 - You have only 1 chance

Not really, there is no limit to the number of attempts you can give for the IELTS. But, having said that, we prepare you in such a way that you get your desired IELTS Bands in the first attempt.

Myth#4 - You don't need to prepare for it, it's just an English Test

Think Again! Have you ever taken a test in your lifetime without preparing for it?
The IELTS test is an assessment of your English proficiency and you definitely should practice some tests beforehand and check your level of English.

We highly recommend that you join the VIP IELTS Program and achieve a higher band score, or take up module-specific causes in order to brush up your concepts before your exam, but, do not take the Test lightly.

Myth#5 - You've failed if you got less than Band 7.0

The IELTS Bands range from 0-9 and there is no concept of pass or fail in the IELTS Test. Each test taker enrolls for a different reason and has a separate band requirement, therefore, Band 7.0 or higher is absolutely not true.

There are a lot of universities which accept candidates with Band 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5 - you need to enroll IELTS Academic for this purpose, so, don't get fooled by this myth and focus on your IELTS preparation.

Myth#6 - It is extremely difficult

Just like any other exam, IELTS is also conducted to test certain parameters of your skill-set. It does not test your knowledge or give you tricky questions to test your analytical thinking, it's simply an International English Language Testing System.

Your scores are provided in form of Bands which range from 0-9. These standards have been in place for over 20yrs and all the universities/visa agencies/countries fully accept these band scores to complete your visa applications.

Myth#7 - IELTS from IDP is easier than British Council

Absolutely Not!

Both British Council and IDP are co-owners of IELTS and conduct the same level of examination in their respective centres. There is not even a percentile of truth in the statement that one is easier than the other.

Myth#8 - IELTS is a Scam to make money

Every year, more than 10 million students and working professionals receive extravagant results and continue with their visa processing without hassles.

So, if this was a scam, how did this happen?

IELTS is a professional examination and doesn't get involved in the malpractice of giving lower score deliberately to any candidate. It depends on your individual English proficiency and decides which bands you receive.

Yes, there is a very high probability that your scores are different from your best friend even though you both were equally good at Engligh

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